Premium Italian gearboxes

Gear Boxes & Enclosed Drives

For half a century now GB has designed, built and marketed gearboxes, shafts and housings, bevel and cylindrical gears. GB was born in the early 60’s in Bologna, in the throbbing heart of the mechanical industry and the manufacturing centre of gears for power transmission. From the tradition of this area and from the history of our company comes GB’s expertise in solving new problems every day, creating dedicated products designed to the specific requirements of each customer, and keeping every production phase in-house in order to have a total control of both products and quality. The company is currently run by a shareholder structure that has led it to hold an international leading position. Thanks to a solid and dynamic management, GB have enhanced service and quality, logistics and flexibility but without forgetting the factors that have made the brand stand out.

The best combination of Italian manufacturing quality and the ability to offer a proven service based on the highest European standards.