Furnishing the highest value power transmission systems

Gear Boxes & Enclosed Drives

Gearboxes for Speed, Torque and Power Direction

Omni Gear manufactures power transmission systems for agricultural, off-highway, and industrial equipment manufacturers. We maintain manufacturing and assembly centers around the world to design and distribute enclosed gear drives utilizing straight bevel, spur, spiral bevel, helical and worm gearing.

We began by supplying power transmission equipment for agricultural machinery in 1958. Today, we are a leading manufacturer providing gearboxes, specialty forgings, and custom gears for a variety of industries and applications.


Omni Gear offers an outstanding range of enclosed drives engineered for agricultural equipment. Gearboxes are available for the main propulsion of mobile machinery or for powering machine attachments. Product applications involve drives used with equipment for irrigation, sprayers, mowers, mixers, harvesters, spreaders, balers, rakes, augers and more.


Omni Gear rotary tables, universal worm drives, auger and winch drives are used on many service vehicles including those requiring tensioning drives for cable handlers, augers for derrick diggers, winch drives for wreckers, planetary swing drives for mobile cranes, and rotary tables for bucket trucks.


Omni Gear planetary track and wheel drives, swing drives, and planetary axles support critical applications on many construction vehicles produced for operations involving mobile elevating work platforms, earthmoving, compacting and paving, and lifting.


Omni Gear planetary axles, track, wheel, and swing drives and rotary tables are used in demanding applications on forestry equipment for forwarding, harvesting, and skidding operations.